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Kosapet is a locality in Chennai, situated near Purasawalkam. The name is a corruption of Kuyavar Pettai (potter's locality) that originated due to the concentration of potters and artisans in this area.

The Kuyavars (the potter's) of Kosapet have been engaged in the profession for generations.

Story 2: Purasawalkam

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Purasawalkam got its name from Purasu or Flame of the Forest. The area was once known as Purasavanam, possibly due to the abundance of the Purasu trees that used to be here. The tree is also called Palasu and Murukku. The wood of the tree was used in oil presses in the old days. Unfortunately, it is believed that there is only one Purasai tree here today. It is the sacred tree of the Gangadeeswarar temple, the sthala virutcham and, being inside its precincts, is well protected.

The streets and localities of Chennai have changed and expanded over the years and along with them, their names. Have you ever paused and wondered where a particular road or area name had its origins and how it

finds itself being pronounced differently today? 'Tracing Legacies' is a project by Madras Inherited.


Story 1: Kosapet


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