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Poster for exhibition invite

Part - 1

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Introduction panel 


Part - 2

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Introduction panel 

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NSK and family

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Early jobs

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A close watch

Part - 3

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Introduction panel 

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First step into drama

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First role in T.K.S group

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NSK's drama troupe

Part - 4

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Introduction panel 

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First film

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NSK and Mathuram

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As an all rounder

#19 coloured.jpg

NSK and his team

Part - 5

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Introduction panel 

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Charlie Chaplin of India


To create a new exhibition space for Casino Cinemas. Utilising the space available around the theatre

and making them engage with the audience. This was done as part of my graduation project.


The initial spark to this project


An exhibition space was decided for the theatre, as it was observed that many people who come to watch a movie tend to wait for a long period of time before the movie starts.

Theatre is the only space were people nowadays tend to have a conversation about cinema. It was as an opportunity where the context and subject are present before the people and they will get to know more of it through the exhibition.

The exhibition will be based on one individual each month and will talk about his/her enormous contribution and love towards the cinema industry.


So, a series of visuals were illustrated for the exhibition space keeping N.S. Krishnan, a Tamil comedian in the limelight for the first month.

On the Indian streets, people are eager to photograph things, in Chennai the heritage sites are also being photographed and I feel that those buildings are just tolerating them. One among them is the casino cinemas. Maybe they get a lot of photographers, but what else can be done to preserve them?

By doing what will it bring to life a bygone era and make the space more welcoming to

the newer and older generation?


Always in the process of making mental notes

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